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This time the mother Icha will share the trip to Medan, after almost two years of air Long Distance Ria with her husband between Jakarta-Medan new date of December 21, 2012 I had the opportunity to visit the land of Medan where the husband is now in charge.
An unforgettable experience exploring Karo ground within a day filled with beauty, especially when not lake Toba which is the main target of this trip times.
Husband had memepersiapkan all my needs, does he really hope my occasional visit Medan city have also been drugged him with a variety of diverse beauty, food and culture.
Although only two nights I was in the field there are several stories that I can share for two days.
Medan Horas! December 20, 2012
With an economy class plane December 21, 2012 I crossed the Jakarta-Sumatra departure at 18.30 with unfavorable weather because September to January certainly every afternoon will be a lot of rain.
The trip is pleasant enough with all the facilities and outstanding service. I enjoy dinner with a box of macaroni beef schotel warm and savory, gelatinous fresh mango and sweet covered with water.
Without proper was two hours elapsed at 20.30 I arrived at Polonia airport. Happy as a husband and a few office colleagues to pick me up. I feel quite satisfied around the city of Medan shortly at night.
Field in the evening which was recorded in the records that I carry everywhere. Medan is the heart of the island's economy Andalas. Polonia Airport round trip to the area in the shadow Setia Budi crowded as Jakarta, was much quieter and a lot of cafés, shops I see. I just wanted to stop by one of the coffee shops but has not been realized because all governed by a husband who seems to have accomplished home from the office. Navigate the night into the PR field next visit.
Apalgi according to a story that a friend should be tested Bentor a motorcycle engine tricycles around, enjoy star steam pomfret, enjoy the hustle Merdeka Walk ... ah and curious entering the stalls along the road passes.
Let's Go To Toba Lake! December 22, 2012
December 22, 2012 to coincide Mother's day, after praying at dawn cold because overnight rain flushed the city of Medan and express gratitude also send greetings to mama who was in Jakarta keep two of my daughter for Mother's Day, whatever I will always love him until death us. Happy Mother's Day Mom, thank you for all your sacrifices and your affection.
We start 0600 surf trip Karo of mess where her husband lived in Setia Budi numbers. Already at 06.00 but the atmosphere was like 05:00 in Jakarta, still dark and drizzle still flushed.
The five of us, me, husband, sir Yono guide driver, Ryan and General with carrying a backpack also has a variety of snacks ready in the car Fortuner
Since this is not a trip for the first time for her husband and his friends, they chose to sleep on the way. Of course different with me very excaiting with exploration first into the ground field, during which only I know through stories and guide books that I bought for ready to explore the land of Medan joke that did not dibohongin ama husband about Medan at least I dah handbook. Ha ha ha…
Out of the complex Setia Budi I had stopped location to housing projects husband was on duty and continued the trip begins.
Luckily our tour guide once drivers are pack Yono Javanese who do not know Java because of the baby until now fathers berputera three people, has never stepped up to Surakarta place of origin of both parents. Arriving at the office of the Java dijulukin apostate! Ha ... ha ... ha ... no-nonsense office friends of the father.
Pak Yono many give input story and joke that made the trip fun for me, "Gee Mom Ma'mun, here the train just become a target of theft you know!" He said with a straight face.
"Oh yes ... how to steal Bang?" I asked as I train in cooperation ngebayangin some thieves. Ah Impossible!
"Yes ma'am gampanglah Ma'mun, raised living continues to put the pickup and taken away."
Husband had smiles alone, "Bun train the language field, if in Jakarta train that means the motor."
"Ha ha ha early morning I have got the Yono pack joke Java Apostate! or the field Gak Obviously! But because there is a pack of Yono I did not sleep for one minute in land surf trip Karo.
"Yes Mom, do not be surprised this little street will be a lot of taxes that day ...?" Mr. Yono while crossing a small road out of the complex project.
"Oh ya doing tax officials on a small road gini? what should be in pajek-in? "I still straight.
"Bun Aduuh careful talking to pack Yono, it means tax Medan language market." Said my husband, who was not yet asleep.
"Ha ... ha ... ha ... I hit continue to ya." I said and pack Yono was getting excited just humorous guide ngerjain me this way.
"Ih was what Pak, rich lemper but the bigger the package ..." I see food lemper being burned.
"Oh it's called Bu lemang Medan, North Sumatra maknan typical of glutinous rice cooked in bamboo seruas having previously rolled in banana leaf. Roll of bamboo leaves contain rice flour mixed with coconut milk is then inserted into the bamboo seruas then burned until cooked. Enjoyable warm Bu! And nobody likes to enjoy a variety of sweet with savory tau sugar apple jam with side dishes, egg. "
"Hmmm yummy must try ya Bang!"
Cars continue to pass with moderate speed 110-140 km / h. The ride was quite far there are few places that was in told by Mr. Yono like crossing a game park Hill Park and articles. Yono pack story about Hill Park and articles is a children's game arena, there are a few rides like a rollercoaster (thunder of), ferries wheel (Ferris wheel) and a 4D Theater. They carry three themes Lost City, Toon Town and Heritage. Very precise visited with sons and daughters.
The scenery is fresh and very cool throughout perjalana, looked mountain Sibaya which is a continuation of Bukit Barisan.
Hunger started to hit, we took breakfast to the strength of the body due to the lake Toba still for hours.
07.30 we stopped in Eating Sehati located in General Jamin Ginting. Eating a very neat and very clean, I like to eat a neat, clean also artistic. Penatan an interesting place and Surya photo Saputera moment Culinary demo Ketchup Stork increasingly steady course! For promotion.
It looks like a typical here the fish head curry, fried chicken and chicken soup. While now presented in front of us there was dried tempeh, chicken curry, fried egg, fried chicken, cabbage stir-fry vegetables.
Due to want to avoid cholesterol I chose fried eggs without the yolk with a little vegetable oil cabbage stir-fry. Wah favors once the menu is simple but incredible pleasure, especially if not vegetable cabbage stir-fry with vegetables original or Brastagih very fresh. Extraordinary!
Finally there is the phrase "Mejuah-Juah" Karo Regions Penatapan we arrived here at 08.15. After crossing the road with the beauty of the hill staring at rows of areas here that when the night in the city of Medan will appear to glow.
Mejuah-juah as welcome greeting, we also crossed Sidebuk-debuk a hot water bath with a water temperature of 27-35 degrees Celsius. Story of a husband who has been able to visit and soak for one hour here feels the body relaxed and refreshed. So actually juka quite a lot of time should not be missed.
08.30 we arrived at the small town of Berastagi. Go directly to the market Berastagi, from a guide book that I read with the title "Berastagi No Longer In Monopoly" what do Berastagi with a monopoly? Apparently after I read the detail turned out if there is a version of monopoly play major cities and tourist destinations ranging from Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Berastagi and Lake Toba.

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